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Calculate #4 Limestone Ballast. Type in inches and feet of your project and calculate the estimated amount of Gravel Stone in cubic yards, cubic feet and Tons, that your need for your project. The Density of #4 Limestone Ballast: 2,410 lb/yd³ or 1.21 t/yd³ or 0.8 yd³/t. A:

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2021-5-19 · Limestone, # 4a ballast x 1-1/2" Used as Railroad Ballast- slightly large drainage stone Limestone, 1" crusher run x dust 1" Use for unpaved driveways, walkways, etc. Limestone, 2" crusher run x dust 2" Subbase for concrete & asphalt driveways, etc.


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Ballast can also be used to safely secure fencing posts in place. Our Ballast is a mix of sand and 10mm or 20mm stone, with our 20mm Ballast being exceptionally versatile and is ideal for using to make concrete for paths, bases for under …

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For the ballast material, granite, or limestone ballast, 20 tamping times lead to a 6–10% increase in fines. Another study shows that the fines (under 14 mm) are 0.05 kg and 0.25 kg for the two types of granites (one tamping process) [20] .

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Track Ballast is used to create an authentic look for your model train layout or diorama. Bedrite Track ballast can be used indoors or outdoors. With a spray of water the ballast hardens and lasts for years . Great for mines or rock piles, too. 57.7 cu. in. (945 cu. cm) Track ballast comes in a 10 pound handy canister shaker.

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Limestone ballast is used in the mid east of the United States. About Limestone. Like most other sedimentary rocks, most limestone is composed of grains. Most grains in limestone are skeletal fragments of marine organisms such as coral or …

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Note also the stone walls on either side of the street, which also figure into the origin story of these stones. (Photo by Ruth Schowalter.) These are ballast stones, which filled the holds of ships during the 18 th and 19 th centuries as they sailed …

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Der PROFI-Schotter, beigebraun "Kalkstein" ist für die Freunde der Spurweite H0 (Maßstab 1:87) und TT erhältlich. Kaufen Sie Produkte für den Modell-…

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2021-7-14 · A wide range of aggregates available including: Limestone MOT Type 1, Gritstone MOT Type 1, Clean Limestone 10mm, Clean Limestone 20mm, Clean limestone 40mm, 75mm Crusher Run, available for delivery from our Swinton, Manchester Head Office.


2021-9-16 · Building stone, metallurgy (flux), manufacture of lime, source of carbon dioxide, agriculture, road ballast, cement (Portland and natural), alkali manufacture, removal of sulfur dioxide from stack gases and sulfur from coal. Shipment / Storage / Risk factors.

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Railroad construction and maintenance. Ballast: 14,469,856 Total Tons Sold. TCS # 066 1 3/4″ – 3/4″ Ballast View Spec Sheet View Article Watch Video

10mm to Dust Limestone Ballast

10mm to Dust Limestone Ballast is primarily used for decorative purposes such as driveways, paths and landscaped areas. Footpaths Patios Driveways Building bases Car parking zone

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Crushed stone aggregates are produced by crushing quarried rock, then screening it to sizes appropriate for the intended use. Production of crushed stone has three stages: Primary crushing to break down the stone to a manageable size; secondary and tertiary crushing to render the rocks into sizes specific to their applications; and screening to separate the crushed stone …

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1″ TO 3/8″ WASHED LIMESTONE STONE. Commercial 89 Stone. 3/8″ TO 3/16″ WASHED LIMESTONE STONE. Commercial 4 Stone. 2/4″ TO 1 1/2″ WASHED LIMESTONE. Ballast Stone. 2″ TO 3″ DRY SCREENED LIMESTONE. Bank & Shore Riprap (FDOT Code 32) 10″ TO 24″ LIMESTONE RIPRAP.

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Limerock mixed with cheap gravel is ideal course material for drainage in garden beds and potted plants. Its weight acts as a ballast to keep pots stable, and limerock neutralizes acid in the soil for happy plants. Crushed rock, mixed gravel, pea gravel, and limestone are all perfect for ground cover or inclusion in a stone graden or aggregates.

Type 1 MOT Limestone

It is an aggregate made from crushed limestone and is a highly cost-effective and popular aggregate given the ease to manufacture in comparison to some other aggregates we supply. Unlike other Type 1 aggregates such as Type 1 …

Concrete Mix Ratio Using Ballast

2013-9-2 · High strength concrete would be mixed using 1 part cement to 5 parts ballast – this affords the sort of water-tight concrete used for building slabs or concrete panels. Mixing 1 part cement to 6 parts ballast creates concrete suitable for driveways, paths and patios, and increasing the ratio to 1:8 gives foundation-strength concrete.


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Ballast stone is very effective when used as a base for agricultural construction. It is a excellent choice of bedding material because of it''s drainage properties. These properties promote the stabilization of roadways where water or traffic may cause soft sections. Producing Pattison Ballast Stone. Pattison produces Ballast Stone products ...

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The types look great when mixed with each other. This creates completely new, custom colours. In addition, coal is new to the range for designing locomotives and depots. It consists of a material that looks confusingly similar to real coal! The grain size of the PROFI Ballast "Limestone" is 0.1–0.6 mm. Product Information.

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Quantity: 1000kg (1 tonne) bulk bag. Coverage: 1000kg of concrete ballast will typically cover 11m² (11m x 1m) at a depth of 50mm. Consists of: Concrete ballast is a mixture of sand, gravel and small pebbles. Usage: Ideal for garden walls, fence posts and paving, our concreting ballast is even strong enough to use for conservatory and building footings. . Just add the appropriate …

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PROFI-Schotter, beigebraun "Kalkstein" können alle Modellbau-Fans für den Gleisbau verwenden. Der Schotter wird realistisch und sehr naturgetreu und…

139 White Limestone Ballast

139 White Limestone Ballast is a white sedimentary rock for any railroad that uses white limestone for the railroad like B&O ACL MOPAC ian UP, KCS, SF Lackawanna. 1390 Sand house Sand. 1391 N SCALE BALLAST. 1392 HO BALLAST. 1393 O Scale BALLAST. 1394 G SCALE BALLAST. 1395 White Limestone Rip-Rap

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Limestone Paving, Pathway and Driveway Setts & Block Pavers. Our limestone collection will suit both contemporary and traditional settings. Available in variety of colours and project sizes. Blue, Kurnool Grey, Cathedral and Midnight Project Pack 15.3sqm. Midnight also available in 16.892.

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Ballast. Ballast is a mixture a sharp sand and 5-20mm gravel. It''s a great option for making concrete and has a range of usages when mixed with cement and water. Ballast can be used for foundations and footings, meaning it provides the kind of material required for a wide variety of building projects. Home / Aggregates / Bulk Bags / Ballast.

20mm to Dust Limestone Ballast

20mm to Dust Limestone Ballast is primarily used for decorative purposes such as driveways, paths and landscaped areas. Footpaths Patios Driveways Building bases Car parking zone

Walking Ballast

Walking Ballast is also known as ballast stone, railroad ballast, mainline ballast, shortline ballast, yard ballast, AREMA ballast, AREMA 4a and AREMA 5 ballast. This material is used primarily for railroads as mainline ballast or cross walk material. Because the purpose of Walking Ballast is to improve drainage.

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2018-2-27 · The ballast material used in the strength tests was a clean lime-stone with crushed aggregates. Figure 2 shows the gradation properties of the ballast material; the properties adequately met the No. 24 gradation requirements of the American Railway Engineer-ing and Maintenance-of-Way Association. Besides the grain size


LIMESTONE RAILROAD BALLAST | Texas Crushed Stone Co. Over 3 million tons of Texas Crushed Stone''s crushed limestone has been used for railroad ballast. Railroad ballast is typically graded from 1 ¾" or 1 ¼" to ½". Ballast is open graded and washed over a screen as part of the production process. Railroad Ballast …

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Our 0/20mm Loose Ballast is a blend of 0-20mm limestone gravel and sharp sand and can be used in a range of applications such as mixing with cement to produce a coarse concrete mix, used for foundations, over-sites, retaining walls, bedding kerbs and as a standard concrete mix for fence posts. From £33.80 per tonne (small loads price) Call us for large load bespoke pricing